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Dynamic Acting for Young Actors is a series of concentrated courses specifically designed to stretch the abilities of young actors An opportunity to work on modern or contemporary texts and get a taste of what life is like in leading drama school This exhilarating course offers a distinctly hands-on taste of combat for theatre and film.

Receive updates on current and new short courses, stories from our participants and information about upcoming RADA events. Sign-up below for regular course updates. You can opt out at any time. Short courses. What kind of course are you looking for? Show filters Hide filters Acting. Theatre production.

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Here, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Reader and Lecturer in the Performance programme, talks about access to artists' films and the need for new narrative structures in film. BA Acting prepares you to compete for work as a professional actor. The course includes a wide variety of classes, including acting, character analysis, movement, music, singing, voice, speech, play analysis and cultural and contextual studies. This combination of classes will equip you with the skills needed for the acting profession and will situate the actor in a wider context.

About the course

The classes are inter-connected and designed to address your individual needs and aspirations. The teaching approaches used at Drama Centre have evolved from both Russian and American methodologies. The learning materials used for classes include a variety and styles and genres, including naturalism, realism, expressionism and heightened verse drama.

You will be actively encouraged to identify links between the great theatre of the past and the contemporary world. In addition to working on classical and modern plays, you will have the opportunity to devise original projects as part of your analysis work. The range of teaching ensures there is a balance between the requirements of stage performance and the demands of screen acting and recorded media. The course will deepen your awareness of the realities of a professional acting career. It will help you to learn how to manage its risks, rewards and inherent instability.

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BA Acting encourages its students to see themselves as creative people who can make a different to their society and community. As such, it provides an inspirational learning experience for people who go on to work in a wide variety of fields. In order to develop your own approach to acting, you will study the core disciplines of acting, physical and vocal skills and rehearsal exercises.

Many of the activities in these disciplines are concerned with finding your voice as an actor. Through practical exercises, theoretical seminars, workshops and rehearsals, you will engage in a dialogue between you own personal view of the creative process and inherited tradition.

Learn Why VADA is the First Choice to Become a Professional Actor

In Stage 1, you will be introduced to the principles that underpin the whole of your training. You will begin to undertake the systematic study of the essential skills of an actor. This will occur through a series of practical classes in acting, voice and movement, together with an introduction to the theory of character analysis, also known as movement psychology. From the beginning of the course, you will be encouraged to think of the actor as part of the society in which you live and function. You will be expected to read widely, to visit exhibitions, theatre, film and other performances and to engage with current events.

Unit 3 consists of three rehearsal exercises, which are practical investigations of a play text. These are designed to develop the actor's ability to apply a methodological approach.

Gifted education - Wikipedia

Unit 4 will provide a contextual framework for the study of theatre and acting as an art form. You will acquire a solid, practical grounding through the research, construction, participation in and observation of project work. You will also have seminars, workshops, tutorials and discussions. In Stage 2 you will continue to participate in practical classes in acting, voice, speech and text, movement, ballet, music and singing.

You will now develop your ability to be at ease in front of the camera and to understand technical functions in the television studio.

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You will also be introduced to the opportunities and demands of voice-recording. There is an increased emphasis on the demands of the classical stage and the expressive use of heightened dramatic text both in verse and prose. You will look at the identification of form and the acting choices it leads you to make.

In the final stage of the course, you will demonstrate ownership of your acting process. You will continue to refine your technical skills through productions and projects.

Additional, text-specific skills will be developed for public performances during the year. Your ability to integrate skills into fully achieved, assured performances, both on stage and in front of the camera and your confident presentation of yourself to the profession are at the centre of this part of the course. There will be opportunities to test out audition skills in front of outside professionals and in mock audition workshops for television and theatre. You will also collaborate with MA Directing students on their projects.

BA Acting runs for 99 weeks in full-time mode.

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You will be expected to commit 40 hours per week to study, which includes teaching time and independent study. Graeme du Fresne John White.

Student work

Bill Britten TV and Film. We are committed to making university education an achievable option for a wider range of people and to supporting all of our students in achieving their potential both during and after their courses. We welcome applications from people with disabilities.