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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Pietism
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Neele in Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 32, , S.

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You are free to select and purchase individual volumes of this work. Either we or your supplier will also be happy to arrange for subsequent volumes to be sent to you automatically as and when they appear. Standing order. Philipp Jakob Spener, Briefe. Philipp Jakob Spener — Originator of the Lutheran pietism.

Herausgegeben von Johannes Wallmann The letters written by Philipp Jakob Spener — , the founder of German Pietism, are excellent sources of cultural and church history. Johannes Wallmann, in Zus. Markus Matthias u. Martin Friedrich.

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XXVII, pages. Martin Friedrich u.

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    This marked the beginning of Pietism, and the emergence of forces which would make Pietism into an extraordinary movement of religious and cultural renewal far beyond German borders. It was Spener's singular achievement that he not only was aware of the scholarly developments of his time, but that he assessed their relevance for academic theology and for the life of the church. This selection of Spener's Latin letters, some of them translated for the first time, provides first hand accounts of this crucial period in the formation of Pietism.

    Read e-book Der Pietismus des Philipp Jacob Spener (German Edition)

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    Philipp Spener

    Includes delivery to Finland 1 copy available online - Usually dispatched within 7 days. For ten years, the Francke Foundation Press in its rejuvenated form as a partner of Max Niemeyer publishers, a subsidiary of W. From Halle und Osteuropa , the first in the series, to Pietismus und Liedkultur , the scholarship presented in the series is striking in its range and interdisciplinary breadth.

    Something is refreshingly raw about several of the essay collections in particular. Many of them are derived directly from symposia and often read as conference papers do, as works in progress. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as sometimes the most innovative and exciting contributions to scholarship occur in the conference paper.

    Some noteworthy examples of this process are found in the volume of essays under review.

    Reflecting on the occasion of this volume's production, however, raises questions about the assumptions underlying some pietism research at the moment--including those operating in the venue where these pieces made their initial debut. This twenty-third volume of the series is a collection of papers delivered in Berlin in February , in memory of Philipp Jakob Spener, the father of Lutheran pietism.

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    Dorothea Wendebourg notes in her introduction that the symposium concluded on the actual anniversary of Spener's death February 5 with a concert in the church St. Nikolai where Spener preached while living in Berlin. The concert included the performance of spiritual songs written by him and those in his circle. The following day a church service was held in which representatives of the evangelical church in Germany participated. Wendebourg explains that the symposium's goal was to depict Spener's life and influence as fully as possible based on the most recent research.

    Even so, it is also clear from the way in which these essays are positioned that they were part of a larger event to celebrate Spener's role as a spiritual leader. The most obvious example of this tendency occurs in the first paper, by Martin Friedrich.

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    Friedrich emphasizes Spener's roots, especially his enduring love for and commitment to the region he was from, Alsace. The volume's second paper, by Marc Lienhard, addresses the subject of Spener's connections to this place. Friedrich also emphasizes Spener's status as an exceptional person.