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It's all just so unnecessary. I don't want that to reflect in my comments. The nasty commentators fail to realize that no one is perfect with money, even them, and people have different values which impact how they choose to spend their money. The only judgment I really see as acceptable is in relation to things that are morally wrong — like when one diarist was a serial cheater on her boyfriend, and people with high incomes who do no charitable giving.

I realize the latter goes back to spending according to your values, but I also believe in giving back when you have more than enough. Except the co-op thief. We all hated the co-op thief. Generally, if it involves politics on the right, I have no qualms. I think it's absurd any young woman would work for or support our current administration and I have no patience for that. Mostly I try to be constructive though, even if I don't agree with the diarist's lifestyle or choices or comments.

It Is What It Is (Rules of Survival)

Do you have a favorite diary? Or least favorite? The MLM girl, the Alaska couple. The Paris follow up!

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The woman who went to salsa lessons like two years ago who was a high rolling single woman, we were all obsessed with her. It felt so real and raw. One thinner, like a slightly thick liquid and the other, a thick pasty spreadable form. The thinner one she added to all her drinks, even water. The thicker one to all her foods. In her salads she added powdered Turmeric. Soon she saw the yellow color come over her as explained. Keep in mind that Turmeric in its natural form, is of the ginger root family.

Unlike other spices it has no distinct strong odor or taste. It's simply an embellishment spice that's used additionally for its wonderful all around wellness qualities. To her delight when her test results came back, the cancer was completely absent. A letter from her oncologist and chemotherapist asked if she could come in for a brief visit. When she told them what she had done as was also evident from her 'glowing golden appearance' they were completely baffled, beyond belief.

Now, they're also on a Turmeric regimen, only not as intense. More from a preventive angle than a curative one as she had done. Apparently the key ingredient in this wonderful spice is 'Curcumin' and that's what does the magic, if you will. Something to do with the immune system. Additionally, while she was relating her astonishing story another person happened to be an Asian lady stopped when she heard us talking. It turns out her B-I-L brother in law had also beaten prostate cancer that had even metastecised, a few months prior.

Amazing stories of individual people that not only supported my general knowledge of its health benefits but reaffirmed it on a uncharted higher level. I happen to use it in my Indian foods when I prepare them fairly regularly. Not super infused as she had to do. Express, high speed lane, as she is want to call it or, bombardment. So I am making you aware if it, if you hadn't already known about Turmeric and it's amazing qualities.

Certainly, give it a thought if you deem fit to use it. I wish you the very best of Luck! One of them helped me to focus on making situations better instead of dwelling on the negativity. I think it was authored by Dr.

Here’s What All of Those Popular Slang Words Really Mean

Henry Cloud and it had a stoplight on the cover. Around that time, a colleague pulled me aside and started complaining about one of our co-workers. After listening awhile, the phrase popped into my head I said that to her and explained she needed to focus on making the situation better.

About six 6 months after that, I heard the phrase used on my favorite sports talk radio show at the time, The Scott and BR Show. A few years after that, I was watching the movie, Heat, which came out some time before I used the phrase. DeNeiro and Pacino were talking at the end of the movie and it came up. I heard the phrase about years after I initially said it, on The Tonight Show. Maybe I am wrong but I believe the phrase's popularity started in However, I didn't invent it. I think this phrase is actually a resignation to something that one has no ability or no desire to change.

I suspect you've developed your whole life theory on a simple error. People aren't saying "It is what it is" because they are "letting the thing thing just exist in all its rich uniqueness", they are saying it because they feel disempowered, alienated and helpless.

It is what it is - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

It isn't a declaration of strength, but of despair. Hi Andrew, I do believe it can come from despair as you describe but I also believe it can come from a conscious decision that the issue simply has no value for further address.

Or any change that could be made is simply not worth the effort. So the person's individual circumstance their lens plays a role in its meaning when they say it. We can't apply one one meaning to it. I think. Accept it or move on. There is nothing more to it than that. It has nothing to do with visualizing a baseball bat as either a toy or a weapon or an instrument for athletes.

When someone says "It is what it is" they are basically saying why are we talking about this? No matter how we rehash it or debate, nothing will change.

It is what it is, and nothing will change that. Ambiguity is not part of the equation.

It is more of a tired, apathetic response to questions about things that already happened, current situations we are in, or other things we have no control over. Thank you. We shouldn't surrender to the evil "potentiality" of life.

And never its’

Life is Hell if you don't believe in Heaven. If we can't make God's Kingdom Come and His Will Be Done, then we are the most cursed of animals for being able to think and feel and yearn for more as we do. I was an English Lit Major in college. Potentiality, or the the "slippage" morphing potential of meaning maliciously eats away at the idea of truth and Truth. If we can't trust our own minds, how can we trust one another? We are torn assunder as a person and as a people.

This "theory of potentiality" is demonic. Logic works by first defining things. If definitions are forever subjective and moving, then how can we be sure of anything? This is not healthy and this is not human. A vain pursuit that these "psychologists" are paid to keep on keeping on.