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Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we even have brilliant days, but we also have a whole lot of these challenging, difficult, just downright icky days too.

The Truth About Writing and Comedy

As a writer, this is when you have to dig deep to access your inner reserves. Spiritual stamina is the ability to shift perspective as needed and see the bigger picture. Developing spiritual stamina as a writer is a very personal, individual, intimate process. Developing a spiritual practice around your writing can be extremely helpful in building this inner foundation.

Your practice can be anything you want it to be. Maybe you say a prayer or set a personal intention before you start your writing for the day.

Maybe you make it a point to use affirmations focused on your writing goals throughout the week. Developing spiritual stamina is also known as keeping the faith. When you keep the faith, you know that each trial that shows up in your life will come and go and that, no matter what, you are always on your right and true path as a creative being. When you keep the faith, you also know that no one else can do the exact, unique, beautiful thing you are doing with writing, and that your writing is a soul expression of pure YOU.

When you keep the faith, you know that even if you feel alone, you never really are, and that the Universe always has your back. Keeping the faith is not an easy thing to do.

The Truth About Writing Fiction From Your Life

Take some time alone and journal about the reasons — the really deep reasons — you write. Take even more time to meditate and ask yourself those same questions. WHY do you want to write at all? Searching for the answers to these questions can be challenging, and you might not find the answers right away, or even for many years.

Ours is not a world that encourages you to turn off the noise, turn away from the drama, and go within to ask questions that feel uncomfortable and daunting, so taking these first steps is a victory all on its own. Come back to the living truth inside you: You are a beautiful, brilliant, creative being. Listen, absorb and participate in the world around you, but never let it define you.

About the author

Be in constant struggle against everything you know. Deeply affecting one person, changing who that person is, how he looks at life and how he will define himself around your truths is much more important than appeasing the masses. The greatest writers of the world are just looking to be understood by the right people, looking for ones who will convert their words into something more, something meaningful. Because there is no glory is acceptance, only transcendence. Great writing does not always pour out, sometimes it must be chiseled, prodded and scraped together. The moments when you must dig down, deep inside you and find the right words, the perfect sentences and the simplest way to express your most befuddled thoughts are what makes it a job, not just a passion.

Writers are supposed to be the honest ones of the world. They are the quiet observers who say how they feel and hold our hands in the dark. They tread the unformed paths and lead us to new insights and awakenings. They are not politicians or salesmen, there is no hidden agenda or price to be made. There is no other purpose of writing than to tell people your truth and leave. Writing for fame is like pissing for attention… You never get the kind you want and will just end up covered in stink. He writes to share, to ease the pain of others while also healing his own.

Fame is a byproduct that only those undistracted by it can achieve.

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Absorb the truths of others before stating your own. Like going out and filling up on experiences and personal stories, reading gives you all of that without the scars. Writers are not jealous, but hungry. They want to read and experience the lives of others as much as they want to tell their own. Unlike most professions, writing does not subscribe to one system.

The Truth about Writing Popular Psychology Books

There is no one way of writing -- one style, one formula, one proven method. There are as many ways to write as there are words to create and mold into sentences.

The truth about travel writing – PLUS: 6 surprising hacks

A true writer never runs out of things to say, because there is purpose and there is meaning in everything. Because writers are not defined by how many click they get or dollars per word, but by the all-consuming desires to put words on page. By Lauren Martin. The worse the pain, the better the writing The best works are completed while drowned in complete sorrow, all-consuming pain and utter despair.