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After finishing high school, most of them will go through extremely challenging physical and mental exams, only for the chance to be admitted to a prestigious unit. With more than , regular soldiers and over , reservists, seeing people in uniform carrying weapons in the street is a rather common sight. So much so, that Israelis will not find it odd to accidentally rub an M of a soldier sitting next to them on the train. But being a soldier also means an entry ticket to the adult world. Back then, I felt like I was very vocal in my resistance to what we were doing there, but today I understand that this was a very low-volume protest from my side," she recalls.

To Be a Soldier

Sure we did. Checkpoints are essential, but it's a complicated condition, no one denies that. Still, many think that being drafted into the army was not negative, naming maturity, sense of responsibility, as well as future benefits, as key advantages of joining the IDF. Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Orthodox men do not have to serve in the army, and religious women can choose whether to do a year or two of community service, but many testify that not going through the military experience has made them feel like outsiders.

Even people who declare they would not enlist again, given the chance, still acknowledge the advantages of being a soldier in a society where everyone is a soldier, at least at some point in their lives. Many are also in favor of some sort of a significant service, as part of what Israelis call 'giving back something to our country. We are still surrounded with enemies," he says.

But despite the acknowledgment of its necessity, many claim that it is no coincidence the army drafts its soldiers when they are only 18, straight out of high school and right after 12 years of religious, Zionist or even purely secular education. No one wants to be out of the mainstream, and few people if at all understand the real consequences of being a soldier," says Cohen, "politically and mentally. And I also always have to explain others why I look secular but didn't serve. People look at me differently.

Chosen to be a soldier

Every time I need to fill out a form and state my military experience I'm deeply ashamed. Like I don't belong here. The Memorial Day for fallen soldiers is widely considered to be the saddest day of the year, even more emotional than Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorated only one week earlier.

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On this day, all TV channels in Israel broadcast the personal stories of dead soldiers, dedicating the 24 hours to films, interviews and ceremonies honoring the fallen ones. Memorial Day is also believed to be deliberately celebrated one day before Independence Day to create a link between those who died defending the country and those who are living in it.

This idea is being repeatedly challenged by peace activists, artists and other political movements, yet still on that day military cemeteries in the country are crowded with relatives and friends, sometimes flying from all parts of the world back to Israel just to honor the memory of their loved ones.

Although there are many who oppose compulsory military service, this one day a year seems to delay political debates. No, not always. But what choice do I have? It's hard, but possible. Because the bottom line is that every death of an year-old is a too-early one. From both sides. For Germans, VE Day is both a day to remember the victims of fascism and a time to celebrate liberation from fascism. At one time it meant defeat.

I Want to Be a Soldier

In an unusual speech during a ceremony commemorating the Holocaust, Israel's deputy army chief compared processes happening today in Israeli society to events that unfolded in Europe prior to World War II. The Palestinian girl's lawyer described her as the "youngest Palestinian" prisoner detained by Israeli forces. Israel's prime minister has noted a "significant decline" in attacks committed by Palestinians.

An Israeli soldier is on trial for shooting a wounded man in the head while he lay on his back. Elor Azaria killed the year-old Palestinian on March 24 in the city of Hebron, in the south of the occupied West Bank.

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Deadly clashes broke out in Gaza as tens of thousands of Palestinians marked a year of unrest in the region. Israeli military fired live rounds, according to eyewitnesses.

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Gaza militants fired more than rockets at Israel in a day in one of the deadliest escalations in years. Israel reported first fatalities from rocket fire since , and a Hamas commander was also killed. If you suspect you have identified an impostor account, you should confirm the account is not registered on the U. Army Social Media Directory.

How to become a Army Soldier

It is important to know the warning signs of a scam or the common identifiers associated with an impostor account. Official accounts will not send friend requests. If you receive a request from an account claiming to be a senior leader, report it. Remember, anyone in the U. Army Family is vulnerable. Soldiers, especially leaders, are prime targets for identity thieves who will use images posted online to create the fake accounts.

It is good practice to search sites regularly for impostors.

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  8. Impostor accounts are violations of terms of use agreements. Most social media platforms have a reporting system that allows users to report an individual who is pretending to be someone else. Report a Facebook impostor account. Report a Twitter impostor account. Google recommends filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

    Report a Gmail terms of use violation. Report an Instagram impostor account.

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    If the platform is unresponsive and the impersonation becomes a threat to reputation or personal safety, contact your local public affairs office or the Digital Media Division for assistance. Never send money to someone claiming to be a Soldier! Be suspicious of a person who Asks you for money for transportation costs, communication fees, marriage processing or medical fees. Asks you to send money or ship property to a third party.

    Often times the company exists, but is not part of the scam. Claims a lack of support or services provided to troops overseas. Communicates only via social media or email. Doesn't use an email address ending with ". Uses common spelling, grammatical or language errors. Speaks with a foreign or regional accent that does not match the person's story.

    How do I report a scam?