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The Sport of Tug of War has been prominent in Ireland for at least years. In the old days, the sport was part of the basic training of the Constabulary of Ireland with each district having a team with there being approximately districts throughout Ireland. Up to the beginning of the last century teams comprised of ten men and generally competitions took place at only two weight classes viz stone and catch weight. It was usual for teams to take up position, one on each side of the rope alternatively.

At the time it was considered that this gave a better balance to the team.

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Very often, judges were local dignitaries who were interested only in winning the pull, not how it was won. The rules were very basic and certainly had no comparison with present day regulation. It was not unknown for teams, during a long pull, to twist on the rope, slipping it across the shoulders and therefore making a very effective lock.

Instead of the present four meter pull, it was traditional in some areas for the pull to continue until every member of the opposing team had been pulled across the line. In the Belfast team were declared World Champions, having competed at home and abroad against all comers without once losing a pull. They continued to compete for a further four years without defeat or losing a pull.

During the Great War the sport was kept alive by the army and the Royal Irish Constabulary alongside the famous Guinness team from the works well known beverage makers.

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In that era the most successful teams were from the Royal Ulster Constabulary, continuing the results from the RIC, winning both the lightweight and heavyweight championships at the British Amateur Athletic Championships from to Tyrone, Kilmore and the Diamond, Co Armagh. In and they claimed the title of All Ireland Champions. From the late s onwards a great rivalry developed between the Mountpottinger team and Aghadowey. The Aghadowey team came from farming stock and was built around the Barr Brothers who were World famous Ploughmen.

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Hugh Barr was World Champion three years in succession. At one time there were five brothers in the team along with a brother in law. After the formation of the English Tug of War Association in it was logical that Northern Ireland should form its own Association and this duly took place in Northern Ireland finished in Runners up position behind England.

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For organized leagues, you might also want to recruit extra people as alternates in case someone gets hurt or has to miss a match. Place a more experienced team member at the front to lead the tug. Choose someone who is a medium height for the team and has played tug of war before. This person should be able to keep a good grip on the rope while in a squatting position and have a lot of lower body strength to keep the front of the line from becoming too strained.

Stagger the middle teammates based on their skills to encourage teamwork. Position a less experienced member in between 2 more experienced members of the team so they can communicate throughout the game. That way, the knowledgeable teammates can set the pace of the tug and less experienced teammates can work on building up endurance and strength. Position someone with good endurance at the back of the team. Normally, the anchor will set the pace for the tugging by taking a step back every seconds.

Method 2. Grip the rope firmly with your palms up and hands positioned close together. Stand on the left side of the rope and pick up the rope with your right hand. Cradle the rope with your palm up, and place your left hand either right in front or right behind your right hand. Close your fist around the rope so that your thumbs are facing upward. This works well for some people, but you can still win without it! Squat and lean back to dig your heels into the ground when the whistle blows.

Watch: UTP Students In Fun Dormitory Tug Of War To Handle Exam Stress

When the game begins, lean back at a degree angle with your back straight to dig your heels into the ground and hold yourself in place. Take small steps backward as a team, digging in with your heels. Before the match, talk to your teammates and plan to take a step back every seconds, starting with your left foot. When the game starts, carefully lift and plant your left heel about 1—2 inches 2.

Then, repeat this with the right heel to slowly move backward, moving the other team. If you can, try taking larger steps as the opposing team begins to get tired. Instead, just hold it tightly and keep it close to your body as you move back. You can talk to the player in front of you and listen to the player behind you throughout the game. Keep your left leg straight and push off of it as you move back to counterattack.

Dig your left foot into the ground horizontally to slow any forward movement, and push off of it to propel your body backward. Shuffle your feet back 1 inch 2. Then, it might be easier to start moving again. Not really, as height doesn't signify strength. It might look good, but what if the tallest person is also the weakest? Yes No. Not Helpful 27 Helpful Probably towards the middle. Being a good runner won't help too much with tug of war since it's primarily about strength, but running does build strong leg muscles so you can use those to hold your rope steady.

Not Helpful 11 Helpful Would it help if one person acted as the leader to call out the movements that should be worked together?

For example, the leader could count to three so that you all pull as hard as you can at the same time. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Not Helpful 30 Helpful As long as you fell during the Tug-of-War, you will be fine. Just try to get back up.

Tug of War | KC Corporate Challenge

Not Helpful 23 Helpful Not Helpful 16 Helpful If we arrange the members in a zig zag manner, will it be more effective? No, it would actually make everyone fall. If you make your team arrange in a zig zag position, you would have the strength divided and you will be pulled.

Not Helpful 21 Helpful There's no rule or regulation about how to tie the rope, so you can tie it however you like. As this article has mentioned though, no player should tie their arms around the rope as it can cause accidents during the game. I would say it depends more on their strength. The strongest people should go in the back, so if the person is short but strong, they should go in the back. If they're weaker, keep them in the front. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Regardless if you are using gloves which is recommended or no gloves, do not use dirt.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings Never wrap the rope around your hands to tug. This can cause you to strain your wrist or break a bone in your hand. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To win at Tug of War, place an experienced team member with good lower body strength at the front of your group.