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  1. Unknown LinkedIn Connections Could Be Hackers in Disguise
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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 14 February - AM.

Unknown LinkedIn Connections Could Be Hackers in Disguise

I'm not sure about this, and what it is. After checking my ports, apparently there is a loopback connection on However, I do not know why it still has it's company name embedded into my system and I do not know how to remove it. Edited by hamluis, 14 February - AM. Moved from Win 7 to Networking - Hamluis.


Do you see any hot shield or anchorfree listed? I piped it out for you to take a look at too, but I cannot see anything related to anchorfree, or hotspot shield for that matter. Spoiler Check this spoiler. Still showing it in netstat. Posted 14 February - PM. Someone please do help. I mean there has to be someone better than me out there to figure this out.

Have you looked in Windows service panel to see if some service failed to uninstall? Isnt it ad supported also? You can then use ProcessMonitor to see the call stack of what called that executable particularly if it is just a system process being called by another. If I have helped you and you wish to support my ransomware fighting, you may support me here. I can assure you that those have been the places I've checked far before I would post here. Almost insulting, lol. Take no offense, I appreciate it.

Great minds think alike. After some analysis, the ports Distributed Computing Environment DCE , and all other pre 49 numbers are nonsensical. The and after also no good news. EDIT: Apparently this holds some truth since procmon crashed instantly on launch Procmon is not compatible with my version of windows.

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Also, apparently, a bit version is included in the procmon. I attempted to extract it, and the file does not work anyways.

Unknown Connections

Posted 15 February - PM. Process Hacker for finding the handles? I have process hacker. Do you mean I must look through all the handles to find something related? Posted 21 February - AM.

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Sorry been offline for awhile. I was suggesting process hacker in place of Procman. The easy flow of information throughout the organization has made nearly every aspect of business more efficient and effective. But easy connectivity is not always desirable, especially the supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA systems that control the vital infrastructure of industrial operations in electric power and other infrastructure systems. As a result, the need for comprehensive network security measures within these legacy systems was not anticipated.

The accepted best practice security programs for protecting SCADA systems at the time were focused purely on restricting physical access to the network and the management consoles that controlled the systems. SCADA system operators rationalized that if the systems were physically isolated from entranceways and if access was strictly limited to authorized personnel, the systems would be secure and unlikely to be compromised.

In so doing, however, they have also potentially subjected these critical industrial controls to higher security risks.

Unknown Connections | DISBOARD: Discord Server List

As a result, these networks have become inadvertently linked. As utility companies deploy new SCADA applications, expand remote access points and link control systems together, they are also exposing these next generation systems to new risks and vulnerabilities that cannot be addressed solely through physical control policies. Often, these risks are underestimated due to complex network designs, lack of enforceable network security guidelines and assumptions about SCADA system privacy.

Organizations are beginning to realize that the security of SCADA networks means more than the physical protection of next generation systems.

Unknown Connections

The system update synchronized information on both systems, wiping out much of the data on the SCADA side. After everything was reset following a reboot, the SCADA safety system detected a lack of data, which it interpreted to mean that cooling system water levels for the nuclear fuel rods had dropped.

It suggested a dangerous situation, indeed, if, in fact, the event had actually occurred. Unfortunately, the safety system instigated an automatic shutdown due to the software update. Engineers were aware of the two-way communication link, but they did not know that the update would synchronize data between the two systems. Luckily, in this case no one was hurt. But as with any unplanned shutdown, it was expensive, as the plant was offline for three days.

The Hatch incident was only the latest in a string of accidents and unnecessary shutdowns caused by some problem on the network. The Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama, for example, shut down in when a network traffic overload locked up pump controls. And in , a steel gas pipeline ruptured near Bellingham, Wash.

An investigation found that a computer failure just before the accident locked out the central control room operating the pipeline, preventing technicians from relieving pressure, which caused the explosion. Network management needs to know whether and how their SCADA systems connect to the larger corporate network so that these connections can be locked down. Some engineers believe the best protection is to sever all ties between the business and SCADA networks. But they would be mistaken in thinking that the SCADA network is safe without a regular assessment of connectivity to ensure that no connections between the SCADA network and the corporate network appear. In truth, the industry does not necessarily need to give up on the cost and management advantages of connecting its SCADA networks to the larger network.

As long as the safety systems are strong and frequent and regularly scheduled network scans are conducted, both to understand the full scope of connectivity and to guarantee that all connections conform to security policy, then critical infrastructure should not fall prey to unforeseen security risks. Next generation SCADA networks present new challenges for information assurance teams tasked with protecting critical energy infrastructure. Understanding the network risk profile of such systems requires new insights into the nature of security threats.